Dr Rajkumar

Dr. Rajkumar Reghunathan (MBBS)

Siddha Vaidya doctor

Siddha Vaidya is an age old medical science from India which predates Ayurveda, with answers to life’s many health questions that are elusive to modern medicine. Siddha Vaidya knows about 4448 diseases in humans with specific and multiple answers for complex ailments. Siddha Vaidya gives equal importance to functional longevity and celebration of life. It intrigues me that India has a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and various types of cancers, possibly due to the daily spice and herbal intake.

As a child I had watched my grandmother make various herbal concoctions, massage oils and herbal pastes. She explained to me that these strange looking and tasting formulations worked in very intricate ways. The green and yellow oils that were boiling in the vats held my fascination for hours. It comforts me now that I can, if needed, make all the medicines that I need in personal quantities.

I am a licensed medical doctor, a graduate in Modern Medicine from the University of Kerala Medical College. Following graduation and a short stint in an Indian hospital, I took a 28 hour boat ride to be one of the first medical doctors to work on a small island called Thinadoo in the Republic of Maldives. That island had no running water or continuous electricity, nor medical nursing assistance. There I learned how to be resourceful in my medical practice, and how to maximize the result with the least usage of available recourses. My interest in indigenous medicine put me in touch with some elder healers, one of whom influenced me profoundly. This 85 year old healer taught me the intricacies of Maldivian medicine. With one massage, she proved to me that what I addressed with medications can sometimes be relieved by simple, non-toxic, user friendly techniques.

My interest in Siddha Vaidya was kindled in me after a profound personal medical experience. Western medicine could not help me without an operation, with no guarantee. This healing incident transformed me from a western doctor to a holistic physician. My field of interest expanded into the history of medicine and how herbs worked in the body. Siddha Vaidya empowered me with a deep pharmaceutical knowledge, pharmacy experience, pulse diagnostic skills and the satisfaction that I am self sufficient in my medical practice. My teacher was Dr. Harichandran, the renowned Siddha Vaidya practitioner from South India. Patients came to visit him from all over the world for whom, he personally made medicines, as a Siddha doctor is supposed to do. He inspired me to interpret ancient Siddha Vaisya knowledge and wisdom with modern medical tools that I had acquired. Dr Harichandran also inculcated in me a passion for preserving vanishing species of medicinal plants.

My later travels took me to Maui, Hawaii in the early nineties. In addition to learning how to take life easy, I also came in contact with many Hawaiian elders who took me into their circle, I was able to compare notes between Siddha Vaidya and La'au Lapa'au, the Hawaiian Medicine. I had traveled and lived in many states in America, meeting people from all walks of life, enriching my knowledge and experience of life. I had the opportunity to teach students in many medical and non-medical facilities spread across three continents.

Upon returning to India in 2005, all of my attention was focused on the Center for Integrated Medicine which I co-founded with Dr. Reghu Harichandran, the son of my teacher. Here many unique protocols combining the best aspects of Modern Medicine and Siddha Vaidya were born. Some of our protocols are under development, regarding emotional and occupational burnout, heart health, neuronal health and physical regeneration. The philosophy of the clinic is to improve always in some ways for the betterment of our patient’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

My current journey is an exploration into physical longevity as I believe that humanity is ready for a collective journey in to this area. There are many interested groups and individuals contributing medical knowledge in the study of human longevity. My goal is to enrich this joint search with time tested gems that were revealed to my ancestors in their meditations and experimentations. I would like to meet people with similar goals, interact with them, share the knowledge that is already available in the east and contribute to novel research avenues such as invivo stem cell stimulation that could be easily achieved with eastern medical techniques.
Many therapies leading to health, wellness and longevity can be practised on oneself without the assistance of another person.